1. 1/4/2011

    Sometimes our best finds are accidental. You described the museum as featuring works that cannot be seen any where else by well-known, canonical Flemish, Dutch, Spanish and Italian artists. That would appeal to me enormously, but I can see why not too many other people were there, while you were wandering around the museum rooms.

    I accidentally came across The Sintra Museum of Modern Art, just outside Lisbon. The Berardo Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art is an important international collection of 20th century European and American art, but who would know about it?.


  2. Mafalda

    It’s done by the sculpture José de Almeida. Kiss

  3. 10/26/2017

    Try looking up “Antonio Soares dos Reis” for probably one of the best sculptors in the XIXth century but totally unexplored and “forgotten” due to the lack of enthusiasm for non modernist works in Portugal. he has a museum with his name in Porto that has the biggest collection of his sculptural work… his drawings though… in all my life I have only seen one, and it was phenomenal.

  4. 10/27/2017




    VERY, VERY HARD to find good pictures of his work.. he has tons of marble sculptures… these are only some I could find…

    What I know is that he studied in the Academy of Belas Artes in Porto and won a prize that alowed him to study at the academy of Beaux arts in Paris. he was offered a position to teach in paris and have his own studio there but he decided to come back to Porto where he made most of his work. He died by commiting suicide at the age of 41

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