1. 11/12/2012

    There might be something wrong with your RSS. You should have a web developer have a look at the site.

  2. michael bettes

    I was in rome ten years ago, and did vist the Vatican.I wish i paid more atention. I mised it,my lost.I love van gogh.

  3. 12/4/2015

    Beautiful! It is awe-inspiring to go see an exhibition like this. Last smeumr, I went to see the Monet exhibit with my parents..it was absolutely wonderful. Amazing to see the different “periods” a famed artist goes through as they travel throug life.

  4. Jemma

    I visited the Vatican this morning and this was, by far, my favourite piece. I’m no Van Gogh expert but, like you, something about this piece touched me. The fact it is hung in a side room with little to no visitors made it all the more special.

  5. Lois Kimberly

    The painting “pieta” (about 1850) – Is this the one you refer to as the one of Christ??
    If not this one, then which painting are you referring to?? Thank you.

    • I am referring to one painted by Delacroix that is reproduced in the post.

  6. Susanne

    I wish I knew! I went there 3 years ago and just quickly walked thru the modern art room.
    All the more reason to go back then! ?

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