1. Great post. Your last sentence said it all.

    A pleasure to see another 19th century master, i have never heard before. François Sallé. It’s unbelivable that a google search shows only one picture of him (or am i blind?). Another example of a totally underrated and neglected 19th century academic artist.

  2. Elatia Harris

    Roman, how perfectly gorgeous! Thank you. Something tells me no one’s going to that show in Paris to sneer at how bourgeois and backwards-looking the artists and their professors were. There are smart people who are never going to like academic painting, but thanks to efforts like yours, they might come to respect it rather than scorn it. Or, to feel a bit small-souled when they persist in their scorn. Either way, it works for me!

  3. Timothy

    I thought that that painting looked familiar. It always stands out to me when I walk through; though until now I had not paid much attention to who the artist was. The collection of nineteenth century art in the Gallery of NSW is, in my opinion, the highlight of the entire place.

  4. 6/1/2009

    Thank you so much for this illuminating post. Is there any way to purchase 2 copies of this catalogue? Thank you for your help!

  5. Jesse

    Fascinating subject, if only mannequins like that were still being made and sold!

    I feel like I may have already asked you this in a previous post Mr. Christensen (if so, sorry), but have you in the course of your research heard anything about the fate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts collection of casts? I’ve been told that a lot of them were vandalised and destroyed in the chaos of ’68. If so a real loss, but it would be nice to have some scholarly verification of this old atelier rumor.

    • 6/19/2009

      That’s a great question. I don’t remember you asking it, but maybe I missed it. It’s true that in the 1968 riots, a number of things were destroyed. I have heard similar accounts of the castes in Russia during the October Revolution. I don’t know the answer to how much was destroyed in Paris, Brussels, or Berlin. That’s something I’ll look into.

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