1. 6/2/2009

    What beautiful plein air work. Interesting to see how often he goes for the back-lit views.

    Great news about the Prado expansion as well.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Elatia Harris

    Just beautiful! What perfectly judged distances. There’s something Corot-like in the canvases done in Normandy — all that milky light. And I notice as well the less sunny paintings are the brushiest, the brighter ones more tightly painted — very enlivening to “cooler” landscapes. There is an almost German romantic feeling to the mountainscapes — lushness, rapture. I so appreciate your research and eye, to find these hidden things. Very poignant to read one cannot not for several years at least see them in Spain. Thank you!

  3. Lord, his work his breathtaking. One could just walk into them paintings and become part of them. At least, I want to do that.

  4. esraa

    waw,great and huge,fabulous

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