1. balsamfir

    Dear Bearded: I would really like to read your post but the dark gray on black text makes this impossible. I wonder if you know this. I like the black, because one sees the paintings better, but the new gray is difficult. Best. Balsamfir

    • I’m really grateful for your feedback. The last thing I want is have an unreadable post. I’ve tried a number of different templates for the website with varying levels of readability. Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult balance between making the images stick out versus the text. I’ll keep trying to find one that is can do both.

  2. David Callahan

    The preferences of the most educated respondents—Picasso, Braque, Brueghel, and Dali—are exactly the titles one finds on the bargain books table at Borders, et al, which leads me to conclude their acquaintance with art is passing at best. Surely the mind that can wrap itself around the compositional ingenuity of Bach should prefer in art a comparable ability to organize themes and figures in pictorial 3-D space, like that of Rubens, Tiepolo, or other masters of the late Baroque. The abstract ingenuity of their art makes complicated, chaotic subjects readable and beautiful much the same as Bach writes complex counterpoint that the ear can actually follow and enjoy. To appreciate the equivalence one must be aware not only of the whole field of art, but of the abstract nature of drawing itself, even where the goal is realism. It sounds as if the sophistication of those respondents is merely an acquired academic prejudice that ignores the essence of visual art.

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