New Magazine: Prado

Cover of Prado. On the Cover Design: A Preparatory drawing by the sculptor Cristina Iglesias for the Doors of the Prado Museum’s new extension.

According to the last page of the magazine: “The format of Prado has the exact same proportions as the painting Las Meninas by Velázquez.”

Diego Velázquez. Las Meninas. (a. 1656) Oil on Canvas. Prado Museum, Madrid.

The Prado Museum–one of the most important museums in Europe–has begun publishing a new magazine simply titled Prado. A press release on the Museum’s website explains:

Starting this week, the new issue of Prado magazine will be available in the Museum’s shop. This magazine, the first issue of which was published last year, is a bilingual publication in Spanish and English with contributions signed by prestigious guests such as, in this issue, the photographers Gianni Berengo Gardin and Attilio Maranzano, the essayist, poet and playwright Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Príncipe de Asturias Award for Communications and Humanities in 2002, or the architect and Professor Juan José Lahuerta, amongst others The magazine includes the documentary in DVD Patinir and the Invention of Landscape.

The magazine is beautifully illustrated and written. Rather than a stuffy, academic publication, it looks more like a high-end architectural or design magazine.

I wonder why I have to go to Madrid to buy a bilingual magazine from an internationally-renowned museum. I was lucky enough to be at the Museum shop when this issue came out. But, I’m not going to Spain to buy each new issue.

The Museum website does raise the unspecified possibility of getting the magazine another way by stating in its press release: “Purchase by email:”

Ordering it via email is definitely worth a try.
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