1. David Hardie-Brown

    Its a very interesting article. I have been trying to find out about her and her works. We have a portrait that we believe was painted by her. I would be happy to send a photo if you would like.

  2. Martin Prince

    I have an interesting pastel by Fanny Fleury, which has come down to me, through my family, originally purchased by my great grandfather, who was a Parisian jeweller in the period 1880-1910. It depicts a young woman, perhaps in a café lighting a cigarette. Well dressed and not a demi-mondaine. Perhaps a self portrait. It is different in style to others of hers on the web. More influenced by Renoir than other mentors identified. Very definitely hers though, signed F FLEURY in caps just like all the others. Thank you for this background information. I’d be happy to send you a photo.

    • I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment. Yes, I would be very interested in seeing the paster. (I’ve never seen a pastel by Fleury.) I am currently writing an article for international publication on her. And, if it makes sense and it alright with you, maybe it would be a good fit for the article. Please send me an email: mjc “at” beardedroman.com

  3. Elizabeth

    I have a piece by Fleury and I was wondering if it’s worth anything. Its a French lithograph (circa 1880) of a girl arranging flowers.

  4. richard blackhurst

    I have a signed Fleury oil painting of a boy and a cat reclining on a sofa. It is quite large around 6ft x 4ft.
    I wonder what the value is.

  5. Carol Dean

    I have a signed oil portrait of a women signed F Fleury. Handed down to me from my mother who was from Paris. She left France after WW2 and this came with her to the USA

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