1. 11/14/2010

    I became obsessed with still life paintings as well, especially from Spanish artists like Zurbaran. This came about by accident. Years ago a fellow lecturer had become ill, just before the new semester was about to start. The department rang me and asked me could I take over his class on Spanish Art Of The 17th century. I kissed my family goodbye and went into hiding for a semester, reading everything ever written about Spanish art.

    It is breathtaking, is it not?

    • I envy that you were able to spend that kind of time learning and teaching about it. It is breathtaking.

  2. sakievich

    The Tissot Life of Christ paintings are on display at Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art right now along with a large group of Carl Bloch paintings. All free to the public, but to get into the Carl Bloch exhibit you have to register to get free tickets through their website.

    • Thank you for letting us all know about the exhibitions. I was able to see the show in New York and Provo. I hope to see the show on Bloch soon.

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