Bearded Roman in Madrid

Photo of upturned tree trunk placed with 18th-century Persian rug. Seen at Feriarte Madrid

This week and next, I’m in Madrid, where a number of impressive exhibitions and fairs are taking place, including:

  • The 32nd Annual Feriarte: One of Europe’s largest Fine & Decorative Art Fairs.
  • Rembrandt, History Painter: An exhibition of painter’s narrative works the Prado Museum.
  • Between Gods & Men: A rare look at two major ancient sculpture collections, from Dresden and Madrid, on show at the Prado Museum.
  • Sorolla Museum in Madrid: My report on a visit to the home and private studio of the Valencian painter who befriended Zorn and Sargent.
  • El Escorial: The country palace of Spain’s Hapsburg Royalty, which contains major works from their collection

All this coming over the next week in a series of posts.

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